Christmas Gifts

   So for me these would be the most greatest Christmas Presents. * clothes *furry socks *beanies *stuffed animals *food *christmas ornaments *lip gloss *money *stockings *picture frames So that’s all my ideas I’ll talk to you guys next week 😆

10 Gift Ideas

okay ,, hello . so it’s like late , so i’ll try and write this quickly ,, haha . okay well , this week’s topic is top ten gift ideas . so below i will list some gift ideas that would be in my top 10 . hope they’re helpful . ((: inexpensive gifts ☼ […]


Ok… so my traditions is that on Christmas eve my family and i will wait until it’s midnight and in the mean time we are baking cookies or a fruit cake and when the cookies are done we watch a movie and eat the cookies.Then when its midnight we start opening the present and we […]

My Traditions

     So, hi everyone so I’m going to talk about my Christmas traditions so my family and I usually do secret santa. I like secret santa because usually its fun and mysterious. I never know who got me till Christmas eve. I usually get my sisters or brother which sometimes I  dont know what my […]


okay, so we all have traditions. believe it or not. some may just be common things we do, that we just might not notice. but, we do have traditions. and this week’s topic, is traditions. so, in my family, i would have to say our main tradition for christmas, is opening the gifts on christmas […]


Hey everyone! So me and my two other friends have decided to start a blog. Eventually, you all will get to know us better. We will start posting on Tuesday, December 1st, and will post 3 times a week. I, Karen, will post on Tuesdays. Natalie will post on Thursdays. And Sandy will post on […]